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Seaweed as a growth engine for a sustainable European future

Seaweed for Europe has published in October 2020 a report that quantifies the potential economic, social and environmental benefits of a sustainable seaweed industry in 2030. The report also provides guidelines to ensure the growth of the industry is sustainable, resilient and fair, and suggests some concrete avenues to fast-track its development.

Sustainable seaweed (macroalgae) is a very promising solution to produce more from the ocean, while protecting it and creating good jobs. Europe is perfectly positioned to lead the scale up of this regenerative industry, but currently faces system-level barriers, which Seaweed for Europe aims to address.

seaweed coalition

The Coalition

Seaweed for Europe is seeking to scale the European seaweed industry by driving innovation and investment, with the ultimate aim of unlocking significant economic, environmental and social benefits. The Coalition gathers a variety of stakeholders with unique knowledge from 10+ European countries.


Our members are at the heart of the Coalition, playing a crucial role in driving our agenda and ensuring our mission is achieved.


Seaweed has the potential to play a critical role in counteracting the most urgent challenges of this generation, including climate change, food and energy security and social prosperity. With the global market on the rise, overcoming some core barriers and scaling the industry in Europe presents a significant opportunity.

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