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The Seaweed Company, Ireland, Morocco, India

The Seaweed Company is an international company growing and trading various seaweeds in Ireland, Morocco and India.

Founded by Edwin Sneekes, Joost Wouters and Dr Stefan Kraan in 2018, the Seaweed Company has quickly expanded its seeding, growing, processing and trading operations around the world. As a horizontally integrated company, the Seaweed Company produces and processes its own biomass (for quality assurance) and produces a wide product portfolio ranging from biostimulants to animal feeds (under the TopHealth brand) to health supplements, cosmetics, and bioplastic made from 100% seaweed.

Steadily growing its operations, the Seaweed Company is planning to expand its farming operations to the Netherlands, where it is planning to set up a farming operation in the Groningen floodplain fields and piloting an offshore test site in the Dutch North Sea in addition to exploring opportunities in Africa and Asia.

“If you want to cultivate and produce , and there is the willingness to develop then you will succeed. There are many instruments for funding and help to develop and become successful” – Dr Stefan Kraan

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