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Algolesko, Brittany

Algolesko is a French seaweed company farming Saccharina latissima on their 150 hectares, Natura 2000 classified lease off the coast of Lesconil, Brittany.

Founded in 2013, Algolesko has now grown to 11 employees managing everything from producing seed to growing and processing seaweed.

In its nursery, Algolesko produces the seaweed seed which is then transferred to its outgrowing lines that reach up to 2km into the sea. After harvest, Algolesko sells its seaweed fresh, salted, dried, frozen and processed into flours and serums to various sectors: Food industry, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics amongst others. Algolesko aims to bring a premium seaweed offer to the market.

“Our passion translates in our end product, which the market is more and more eager to discover” – Timothée Serraz

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